Zora, Kramer & Joe

Short version: Photographers.

Extended version: Zora, Kramer and Joe (yes, they actually use those names on a daily basis) are two guys and a girl, at the moment residing in Mexico City, whose restlessness sent out to explore Photoblogging. Together, they bring Cielo Raso to life!

Cielo Raso

Short version: Just for art's sake.

Extended version: Cielo Raso is a nodal point in the life of its creators; it is more than a Photoblog, is a project that will last a lifetime. With certain security, the authors usually define their intentions of the following way:

"Perhaps is better to continue journeying by the world without stopping to think the relevance of each impulse that, inexplicably, becomes action. For other adventurers the work begins there: at the less awaited moment and the less propitious place. In Cielo Raso, to photograph is an impulse, something impossible to analyze immediately, since we are afraid to forget the instinct. This way we can't forget to be human."

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